Who We Are

RIM Experts

PMI was founded in 1979 by Bill and Susan Ober and is still owned and operated by the original founders. We are a full-service RIM molding manufacturer, offering services from Design Assistance to Mold/Fixture Engineering, Custom Finishing, Screen Printing, Labeling, Assembly, Custom Packaging, Kanban, to name a few.

In 2008, PMI moved to a new location in Woonsocket, RI, which offered many advantages, including single-level manufacturing, a more streamlined flow to allow for efficient processing and a building layout consistent with expansion and growth.

PMI is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable RIM processors in the industry, with the capability of making high-end, complex enclosures. We service the Medical and Laboratory Instrumentation industries as well as High Tech, Defense and Industrial applications. If your goal is to produce low-volume, high-end aesthetics at a competitive price, we are the manufacturer to meet your needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance: because you rely heavily on the appearance of your product, PMI has in-line process inspection in each of our manufacturing steps. We know the importance of quality and the ability to bond with mating parts. It is because of the advantage of repeatability that each part molded is the same, from run to run. This gives you the confidence and assurance that all quality parameters are met and assembly is consistent.  PMI has been ISO Certified since 2005 and continues to maintain and improve its program and uses it as a tool to better service its customers.

Start-to-Finish Support

PMI is a hands-on supplier, meaning we get and stay involved throughout the life of your project. It is important to have ongoing communication to meet your needs. If it’s warehousing or stocking, PMI is prepared to support your Kanban program. If you need minor assembly or custom packaging, PMI has the ability to meet those needs as well.

We can also provide design assistance and custom fixture engineering – our goal is to provide you with a product you can use straight from the box.

Customization for Complex Projects

Each project at PMI is a result of custom design and manufacturing from our customers. The RIM process is favorable to design flexibility without compromising structural integrity. This allows designers to produce parts with cutting-edge features not available in other processes – it is common for us to mold parts with varying wall thicknesses within the same part. Other features, such as bosses, threaded inserts, webbing and venting are also possible during the molding process, resulting in a complex part manufactured in one step.


Since 1979, PMI has been involved in highly-sensitive and confidential projects – our design assistance capability allows you to uniquely customize your part to provide that one-of-a-kind enclosure that separates your company from your competitors.  PMI proactively recognizes this confidentiality by requiring all employees and visitors to process Non-Disclosure agreements; photographs are also prohibited.